Li-ion lawn mower
Robot Lawnmower Robotic Grass Cutter Automatic Electric Wireless Mini Portable Smart Lawnmower with 3 Cutting Blades(RLM004)
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Model No.RLM004
Coverage(for once charging)200m2±20%
Working capacity800m2±20%
Virtual wire maximum length/diameter200m/0.5mm
Standard virtual wire length/diameter100m/0.5mm
Rated power75W
Qty for cutting blades3PCS
Cutting height2.5-5.5CM
Cuting width18CM
Cutting speed35M/min
Blades rotate speed3200/min
Hill capability20 DEGREE Max SLOPE
Max ambient functioning temp40ºC
Average working time1 hour
Batteryli-ion 2.2ah
Charging time≤1.5 HOURS
Sensorlift sensor/tilted sensor/wifi application/bump sensor/touch sensor/rain sensor/gyroscope
FunctionAuto recharge/intelligent spiral/go straight/anti theft/water proof/time set-up system/emergency switch/set up password/language option/around virtual wire walking selection/subarea setting/mower can't been start when charging station power less/mower can't been start when virtual wire has been cutoff/cutting height adjusting/mobile app

1)The Flexible charging station position gives you the freedom to position the charging station almost anywhere you like around the edge of the lawn
2)Rechargeable Lithium-Ion technology - automatically returns to the charging station when the battery is low.
3)Self Mulching, drops the grass clippings back into the lawn acting as a natural fertiliser for healthier greener lawn.
4)Automatic rain sensor returns mower to charging station when raining
5)Multiple mowing patterns and start points programs to ensure full coverage of any garden